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The Université de Montréal may be a French-language public research university in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The university's main campus is found on the northern slope of Mount Royal within the neighborhoods of Outremont and Côte-des-Neiges. The institution comprises thirteen faculties, quite sixty departments and two affiliated schools.

The Polytechnique Montréal  and HEC Montréal. It offers quite 650 undergraduate programmes and graduate programmes, including 71 doctoral programmes.


The University de Montréal was founded in 1878 as a replacement branch of University Laval in provincial capital. it had been then called the University Laval à Montréal. The move initially went against the needs of Montréal's prelate, who advocated an independent university in his city. Certain parts of the institution's educational facilities, like those of the Seminaries de Québec and therefore the Faculty of medicine, had already been established in Montréal in 1876 and 1843, respectively.

The Vatican granted the university some administrative autonomy in 1889, thus allowing it to settle on its own professors and license its own diplomas. However, it had been not until 8 May 1919 that a papal charter from Pope Benedict XV granted full autonomy to the university.

At the time of its creation, fewer than 100 students were admitted to the university's three faculties, which at that point were located in Old Montreal. These were the school of Theology (located at the Grand séminaire de Montréal), the school of Law (hosted by the Society of Saint-Sulpice), and therefore the Faculty of drugs.

Graduate training supported German-inspired American models of specialised coursework and completion of a search thesis was introduced and adopted. Most of Québec's education establishments employed classic course methods of varying quality. This forced the university to open a prep school in 1887 to harmonize the education level of its students. Named the "Faculty of Arts", this school would remain in use until 1972 and was the predecessor of Québec's current CEGEP system.

University of Montreal ranking

University of Montreal is ranked #139 in popular Global Universities. Schools are ranked consistent with their performance across a collection of widely accepted indicators of excellence.

University of Montreal acceptance rate

The University Of Montreal, Canada may be a French-language public research University located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada with a complete enrollment of around 66,768 students in various Graduate Programs. The acceptance rate of the University is around 40-50% indicating a highly competitive and selective admission procedure.

Foreign Students

All international rankings place UdeM within the first percentile of the world’s best universities. It’s therefore not surprising that each year, Montréal attracts thousands of scholars from round the globe.

Studying at UdeM gives you the prospect to experience Montréal, one among the world’s top ten university cities. This bilingual and multiethnic metropolis is understood for its cultural diversity that mixes North American innovation with irresistible European charm.

UdeM also offers world-class education altogether fields of study and places great emphasis on interdisciplinary approaches. Here, you've got everything you would like for an enriching international experience which will open you to new horizons.

University of Montreal graduate programs

Recognized as a North American research university, it's one among the foremost fertile grounds on Earth for cooperation. Enough to conceal every field of information.

Université de Montréal Supplies a variety of Applications vast Moving you. Enriching paths that will let you expand your university career while.

University of Montreal tuition fees

A resident of even a pupil, or even Quebec. Notice that you may get to cover Fees additionally to tuition. Student who Might Be a resident of Quebec The cost of your tuition depends upon If you Are a student.

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