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Waterloo's University admits our job is based on the land of the Haudenosaunee, Anishinaabeg and Neutral individuals. Our establishment is located on the Haldimand Tract, the territory promised to the Six Nations which includes six miles. Our busy work toward reconciliation occurs throughout our campuses through learning, research, instruction, and community building, and so is concentrated in our Indigenous Initiatives Office.

The University of Waterloo is a research university with a campus in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. The primary campus is to 404 hectares of land adjoining to"Uptown" Waterloo and Waterloo Park. The college also operates three satellite campuses and four college schools that are affiliated.

The University of Waterloo has been rated Canada's most innovative college for the last 25 decades. Over 16,000 undergraduates take part in the world's biggest education system where students work conditions and school, gaining expertise Amazon. Situated about 110 km west of Toronto, 35,000 students are welcomed by the University of Waterloo.

University of Waterloo ranking

University of Waterloo is ranked #217 in Best Global Universities.


Global Universities Rankings

#217 In Best Global Universities (tie)
#9 in Best Global Universities in Canada

University of Waterloo fees

College, no question is a large investment. You might want more to pay all your college expenses, although the money which you -- and your loved ones -- donate is the basis for your budget.

University of Waterloo graduate programs


Waterloo is very happy to supply that the President's Graduate Scholarship (PGS) to graduate students who hold significant federally and provincially funded competition-based scholarships. Would you wish to be part of this University of Waterloo graduate research community? Research our over 180+ master's and doctoral programs. For twenty five years running, the University of Waterloo has ranked first in Canada as most advanced university.

Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs (GSPA) provides support to students, postdocs, staff and faculty who are engaged in graduate work and research at the University of Waterloo.

University of Waterloo acceptance rate

Candidates should be aware that UWaterloo, in regards to Canadaian universities, has a number of hires in global businesses that are large and is now the only university with graduates placed in startups from the USA. LinkedIn, in reality, rated the institute in top nationwide for Software jobs following graduation, which makes the pursuit of the highly coveted higher education institute of Canada a worthwhile fantasy.

Entry into the University of Waterloo is directed by different parameters composed of stellar grades, extracurricular activities, meeting and amazing personal essays, amongst others. As an example, a belief is that hunting registration is a little more aggressive than the autumn.

Where the overall approval rate of this institute affects around 53 % , the patient approval rate for entry into its renowned apps like Computer Science, Engineering, Maths and Co-op classes is only 4.3percent . Directly A's or 90% and are regarded as a fantastic enough entry average score to the university together with the secure SAT and ACT score of 1,300+ and 30, respectively.

University of Waterloo admission

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University of Waterloo graduate programs for international students

Waterloo is pleased to have a cohort of students that are . Now we've got over 5,800 graduate students on campus, 40 percent of whom are global, from 84 nations. Consistently rated as the Very Best Comprehensive Research University in Canada, our global reputation for innovation and excellence brings some of the inspirational and innovative graduate students and research workers from the world.

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