The Best Search Engine Useful For College Students

Best Search Engine

Nowadays it is a period of online studies. In such a situation, the usefulness of search engines for college students has increased a lot. In this article, we are presenting information about some of the best search engines for you.

Nowadays college students search their study material online. Most of the college and university students prepare their study notes for various subjects for academic sessions. A few years ago, college students used to prepare their study notes with the help of their class room lectures as well as books, journals, magazines and newspaper articles available in the college library. But in this phase of the Internet, along with college teaching and study patterns, there has also been a complete change in the way of preparing subject notes reports.

Nowadays, online study and online research has taken the place of traditional books and library. Now most of the students of the country and the world do online research on the Internet 24x7 for their higher studies. Actually, by pressing a button on the Internet, you get information and knowledge from all over the world regarding all the topics of life and then, the students can prepare their study notes very easily according to their needs and talent.

But when the question of search engine reliability arises, then the matter becomes a bit serious because the credibility of all the information available on the Internet and its source websites is a big problem. In such a situation, we have a solution to this serious problem of yours and therefore, we are presenting the information of some of the best search engines for you. All these online search engines are very reliable, popular and free of cost.

Microsoft Academic

Microsoft Academic is a search engine made available by Microsoft Corporation and through it you can quickly view various other types of academic publications including various scientific papers, conferences, journals. Furthermore, it is a scheme based search engine, not a keyword based search engine. This means that Microsoft Academic Index uses natural language processing for information and gives results based on your search topic. MA 2.0, which debuted in July 2017, provides users with a more personalized and better search experience. You can also search related to a topic and different areas within it. For example, if you are interested in computer intelligence, you can filter your information through many other topics like artificial intelligence, computer security, data programming.

Lexis web

Lexis Web is a very useful site for students of law subject or for anyone to solve their law related questions. All results shown on the website are obtained from valid legal sites. Users can also limit their researchers based on various research filters, such as judicial jurisdiction, area of ​​practice, source and file format etc. In addition, Lexis Web also has the option of filtering data based on the type of site, such as blog, news, government, commercial etc.

Google Books

Google Books allows users to browse thousands of books through the index. Here you can also search such pages which include a search phrase. Once you find the relevant book, you can see the pages of that book and even get information about the places from where you can get a hard copy of that book.


Given the minimal design of RefSeq, one can easily think that there will not be much material to see here. However, we also often hear that external appearance can be quite misleading. RefSeq is a search engine designed specifically for students and researchers. Its functionality is largely similar to that of Google and the only difference between the two is that RefSeq focuses more on scientific and educational based results. This means that RefSeq searches mostly online information related to encyclopaedias, documents, journals, books, newspapers etc. through .edu or .org sites. If you use all these search engines while preparing your college study notes and project reports, then you can surely get the most reliable and accurate information according to your needs.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar for Academic Research and Scholars Literature for College Students is a free of cost website of Google on the web. It ranks documents based on full-text, details of publication of documents, author's name and how many times it has been cited or used in other scholarly works. In addition, the information listed here is often reviewed by colleagues. Google Scholar has made it very easy for students to get articles, books, abstracts, citations and research literature of other scholars.


Researchgate is largely a social networking website as it is a place where scientists and researchers from all over the world can easily connect with each other. Although Researchgate is not entirely a research engine, the information listed here is not collected by any external source but by publications from its own collection. With over 11 million researchers presenting their work, more than 100 million publications are available on this platform for users to use. Even you not only use these publications, but you can also ask questions from researchers and scientists on topics related to culture, environment, politics, health, science, space etc. on this forum. You can get information on almost all subjects here.

Council of Scientific and Industrial Research

The E-Resources section on the website of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research has a large collection of academic research works for students and researchers in India. The sources of this council's collection are Oxford University Press, The Royal Society of Chemistry and many other popular and reliable information websites.


Icic is a great search engine for students, teachers and administrators. It is a free search engine that provides you with thousands of scholarly research materials from universities, governments and reputed non-commercial sources and is reviewed by editors. Apart from this, there are also many filters available in ICic, so that you can easily find your search results based on subject, resource type, location or author, and you can customize these results to suit your needs.

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