Tips for Essay Writing for students and every one

Essay Writing for students

Essay Writing for students

You cannot develop essay writing skills in a few days. To get a grip in this, it is necessary that you write an essay on current affairs every day and get an experienced teacher to examine it. Descriptive exams are in the Mains phase of almost all bank exams. In which essay writing is also a subject. That is why we are giving some tips and tricks to help you here.

What is essay writing?

The essay can be defined as a literary work. Which is mainly based on facts and any person can put their personal viewpoint in it. It is a method, a systematic, methodological, and analytical composition that is usually much shorter and less formal than a dissertation or thesis.

Tips and tricks for writing essay

It is important that the candidate read the question carefully and while writing the essay, keep in mind that you are not deviating from the subject. Some of the guidelines required for essay writing are compared, described, explained, argued, discussed, criticized, etc., which means comparison, description, interpretation, argument, discussion, criticism. Students should follow the questions and the points given in the frame. Highlight keywords and identify topic words so that you know what your essay is going to be. A standard essay consists of three main paragraphs. In the first, introductions are positive and in the second there are negative digits, the third concluding paragraph.

Points to remember

·         The first paragraph is usually the introduction paragraph and the examinee should give a clear understanding of what your essay is and tell them that the paragraph is expected to come.

·         The main purpose of a second paragraph or a body paragraph should be written to explain in detail the examples that support your research. Make sure you start each paragraph with a theme sentence that connects the paragraph to the rest of the essay.

·         The conclusion should be in the last paragraph and is a part of all that has been discussed before. Finally, you can start by drawing together your main ideas in a logical and important way by first drawing each component.

Other suggestions:

·         In the exam, you do not get time to make and then finalize a difficult draft and so it is important to make a point in your mind and elaborate it while typing.

·         Make sure all paragraphs are inter-linked and should be linked from top to bottom and readers should not feel that you have left some points unexplained.

·         Each paragraph should be linked to the previous paragraph.

·         Give as many examples as you can that can provide supporting evidence for each point you make.

·         It is always interesting to try to end with an interesting or thought-provoking, but relevant, comment. It looks good and shows that you are open to discussion which is a positive thing and shows the maturity of a writer.

·         Do not make silly spelling or grammatical mistakes as it leaves a very bad impression on the readers.

·         Read and write citations that may be particularly useful to give it a more authentic look.

·         If you have more time, you can also increase the number of paragraphs and try to make several paragraphs based on a particular topic.

·         At the end of the day, it is your exam that has a time limit and you have to keep that in mind.

·         One thing that can help you perform better is the reading skills that can be developed by reading many books and reading newspapers daily.


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