How to choose the right course


How to choose the right course

How to choose the right course? In today's time, both the child and the parents are confused about which course the child should be admitted so that there is no problem in future. It is not wrong to think at all. Education has always been and will always be. But due to the changing times of day and day, the way of education has changed and now it is only for the money-lenders.

It is to some extent, but if there is a desire to do something, living in poverty can also do a lot. This is also an example in our country. Former President of India APJ Abdul Kalam Saheb, whose childhood was spent in extreme poverty, but his passion led to poverty and he became a great scientist. Similarly, if you have a passion to do something, then poverty cannot do anything.

How to choose the right course

We always look forward to some new and good results. But we get the same old result. Do you know what the reason is? Until you change your karma. Till then the same result will be found till date. We have talked a lot about knowledge and will talk a lot about it in the next post. We return to our core. How to choose a good course which course is suitable for us?

Whenever we plan to travel somewhere, we first prepare the route map. How to go, where to stay and how much to spend, and our effort is to visit the best place with all the facilities for the least expense. The same should be done at the time of course selection.

Often students keep studying but have no motive. He came to the same ground where the case was made. Maybe you can tell me that too. You have graduated in engineering but today you are blogging all over. There was no need to waste so much money for blogging.

I agree with this but at that time neither the Internet had expanded so much nor there so many good articles available on the Internet. But today you have many options with the help of which you can choose the right course.

To choose the right course, first identify yourself. What can you do? If passion becomes a profession, then no one can stop success. No one has the right to success. Like everything in this world is for sale. You must have a reasonable price to buy it.

In which field do you want to move forward in life? What do you want from this life? I state some things in a very simple way. For this, you need to write under a paper and pen, read the baton and answer by asking yourself. Your favorite course is hidden in your answer.

·         Do you mind studying?

·         What do you want to be in the future?

·         What is your passion (hobby)?

·         Earning money is also very important in life. So what do you have plans for? What kind of work do you want to do?

·         Can you make your hobby your career?

·         What is the biggest obstacle you want to do?

·         Have you ever taken any step to overcome this obstacle?

·         Do you have any properties other than class syllabus? Such as singing, dancing, swimming, player

·         If you have some such qualities, do you want to make a career in it?

Answer all questions correctly. It is important to understand how to answer a question. Now there is another question, at the same time the time taken to answer it, at the same time answers to the above questions are also received. This will also increase decision-making efficiency.

Q. What is your father's name? When all questions are answered, make a decision by yourself, make a promise to yourself, now this is our destination and I have to do this and if you break this vada, trust me that you have a Haven't played Vida because you can't play. How can a person who does not fulfill a promise made to him, fulfill a promise made to someone else?

The method described above is mine. Now if you talk about the general method, you can adopt it as well. Like, often people start finding the right career option after 10th. In such a situation, the subject in which he gets the highest marks, he studies further with that subject. Life should not be just a job. There are many people who are earning a lot of money but are not happy with their jobs. Along with them, there are some who make very little money. That is why do things in which money is less, but it is more important to be happy.

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