How to prepare for any exam?


How to prepare for any exam?

In today's era, life begins with examination. In this previous post, we have talked about several exam preparations. Before this post, another information has been shared how to prepare for SSC after 12th But some students still have confusions. Today, this post is being published to clear the confusion of the same students. Reading this post will clear your confusion. With the help of this information, you can prepare for any exam.

This article is mainly about competitive exams. You can also use these tips for board exams. First of all, ask yourself this question, why do you prepare for the exam? When you know why, it becomes very easy to know how.

All students take the same exam but, if one of them tops, one passes with a passing score. Both students were preparing for the exam. When both were following the same book, taking tuition from same teacher then why such a big difference?

How to prepare for the exam?

·         Take the previous year's question paper (minimum 5 years question paper) for any competitive exam you want to prepare.

·         Try to solve that question paper. Keep in mind that if the exam has a negative marking scheme, does not touch the question whose solution is not known.

·         Notice how long you have looked at the question, how much of it was right and how much was wrong.

·         By doing this, you will get to know about your situation right now and how hard you have to work to clear the exam.

·         Now the current syllabus is out and all unit wise prepare your notes according to the syllabus.

·         Revision of own notes

·         Solve the Daily 2 practice set with the time limit.

·         If you do this then you can pass any exam.

Exam preparation kit

Time Management: Read with a deadline and try to complete your task within that set time frame. Create your reading time to do the list, not the daily routine.


There are many exams in which syllabus are different for different post, so in such post you should read according to the same syllabus. You must have an updated syllabus. The updated syllabus will be found on the official website.

Study Material:

You must have a correct note for exam preparation. Until you have all the topic notes, you will have problems. When you make notes by yourself, your chances of winning increase.

Test Series:

For best results you should join the Test Series. When you participate in the test series, you get to know the truth of how much your preparation has been done and how bank it is, plus you get to know the exam pattern and solve the question paper within the time limit is.

Quick Tips for Exam

·         Learn something new every day (Learn New Lesson Daily)

·         1,3,5 Follow this rule, anyone who reads today should read it after 3 days, then after 5 days, then after 7 days. (Revise Frequently)

·         Each Subject has its own notes. (Make Your own Notes)

·         To memorize any topic, read it without reading it or watching it and writing it 10 to 15 times will make you remember quickly.

·         Focus on Smart Study more than Hard Study.

·         Practice the question asked last year.

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