How to send email from mobile and computer

Today in this post we will learn how to send email? If you do not send email, then you can send this post very easily. To send an email to someone, it is also necessary to have an email id yourself, if you do not have any kind of email id then how to create an email id, by following this post, first of all make a free email id and then this post Read.

Because without email id you cannot send email to anyone. But if you already have a gmail email account, then you can easily send the mail to anyone by following the below mentioned step. You can send photos, videos, documents with email, not just email. So many things have been done, so let's learn how to send email.

How to send email?

See, in today's date, most people use mobiles and computers, you want to send emails using whichever is above you, below, we have told step by step how to send emails both on mobile and computer. First we will teach how to send from computer and then from mobile.

How to send email from computer?

Step 1.

First of all you log your gmail account with email id and password, if you do not have email id then read this post "gmail account".

Step 2.

Your gmail account will open in front of you as soon as the account is logged in. After opening the account you will see many options like Inbox, Sent, Starred etc. But you have to click "Compose" to send the email.

Step 3.

On clicking Compose, you will get a box, in that you will get a lot of options, the first option that will be available will be To, then you will have to enter the email id in this To box to which you want to send the email. (

Step 4.

Just below Ab To and you will get an option named Subject, in this subject box, write something in short about the email you are writing about. (exam: please check document)

Step 5.

After writing the subject you will get a big box in which you have to write your email, you can write whatever you want to write.

Step 6.

So you wrote the email id of the person you want to send mail to, followed by the subject, then the mail.

By following this step which we have mentioned above, you can send email from email id to any email id, whether it is gmail or any other email address.

How to send email from mobile?

If you are a mobile user and you have to send email from mobile phone then you can send email very easily from mobile too. And that too for free using gmail.

Step 1.

First of all, you have to open the Gmail app from your mobile phone, or you can also send gmail to from the browser by logging in and following the steps mentioned above. But today we will try to learn how to send mail using mobile email app. So first you open the Email app.

Step 2.

As soon as you open the Gmail app, gmail will say to log in. If you have already logged in, then it will be open directly and if you have not logged in then login with email and password.

Step 3.

After logging in, you will have to click on the Plus icon to send the email will open like below.

Step 4.

Now some option will come in front of you like some below.

·         In the to box, type the email id of the person to whom you want to send the email.

·         Write a small title of the email you are writing in the subject box.

·         In the Compose email box, you have written an email that you want to send.

·         By clicking on the icon you see above, you can select Photo, PDF Documents.

·         When everything is done correctly, you can send the email by clicking on arrow send.