Ormond College Address and phone number


Ormond College Address and phone number

Ormond College Email: admissions@ormond.unimelb.edu.au

Phone: +61 3 9344 1100

Ormond College Address

+613 9344 1111

Ormond College 49 College Crescent Parkville Victoria 3052

Contact Staff

Lara McKay


Di Bambra


Rob Leach


Kim Exell


Anne Bourke

Director of Learning

Sandra Broglio

Chief Financial Officer

International student Ormond College

Ormond is a welcome home for many young people migrating from abroad to study at the University of Melbourne. Our student community has connections with more than 40 countries around the world, and our international students are an important part of our college's such rich experience.

Ormond College Ormond College About

Learning in Ormond is a continuum, whether it is to chat at dinner, take tutorials, organize college events or connect with our extensive alumni network. Students leave college equipped with the knowledge and skills that enable them to make a distinct difference in the world.

An adequate financial aid program ensures that this unique experience is available to people from every corner of the country.

Ormond College is a residential college for students at the University of Melbourne and its affiliates.

With our initial efforts in 1881, with just twenty students, we encouraged our students to aspire to fulfill their potential. Find their place in the outside world as productive and influential individuals in their chosen fields.

We have always been a place to expand your horizons, where personal and intellectual development is championed and celebrated - a hallmark of life in Ormond.

Today, we try to highlight the potential of new generation creators, leaders, thinkers, and thought generators. We are a thriving and inclusive community of graduates, undergraduates, alumni, academics and staff with a strong values-driven culture and progressive educational agenda; Empower Ormondians to make an uncompressed difference.

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