Best Primary Schools in Melbourne

Top Primary Schools in Melbourne

When it comes time to send it to your small school, there is a lot to think about. Ultimately, you want to give your child a good education in a welcoming learning environment - but it can be difficult to know which school is right.

To help make the decision a little easier, we circled some of Melbourne's best elementary schools throughout the city and suburbs.

1. Serpell Primary School

Serpell Primary School is a dynamic, thriving, learning community composed of a diversity of cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

Parents, staff and students share a common goal: a commitment to educational excellence and personal development. In partnership, we have developed a specific philosophy based on the maximization of individual competence and the recognition that we are a community of learners.

They are committed to offering learning opportunities that foster an idea culture, cater to individual learning styles, engage and expand our students, develop independence, flexibility and collaborative learning Huh.

Serpell Primary School phone number and address

  • ·         Tuckers Road, Templestowe, Victoria 3106, Australia
  • ·         Telephone: (03) 9842 8182
  • ·         Fax: (03) 9841 5466
  • ·         International telephone: +61 3 9842 8182
  • ·         International fax: +61 3 9841 5466
  • ·         Email:

2. Beverley hills primary school

Welcome to Beverly Hills Primary School (BHPS).

BHPS is committed to nurturing the educational and social development of every child. It is the school's philosophy that every student can learn and ensure that the required growth is achieved:

The educational program caters for children of different abilities.

Students develop self-discipline and commit themselves to their studies

Students respect themselves, each other and their world

The pursuit of academic, sports and artistic excellence, and social responsibility are accepted and rewarded.

BHPS strives to create a learning community with parents and teachers as partners in the educational process.

They are consistently ranked among the best performing schools in Victoria.

Let us give your child a wonderful start at Beverly Hills Primary School.

Beverley hills primary school ranking

  • ·         School sector: Government
  • ·         School type: Primary school
  • ·         Gender: Co-Ed
  • ·         Total student: 168 (boy:80, girl:88)
  • ·         Total staff: 13
  • ·         Student attendance: 96%            
  • ·         None-english student: 62%        
  • ·         ICSEA value: 1065, ranks No.586 More ICSEA Ranking... 
  • ·         Website:
  • ·         Location: Doncaster East
  • ·        Address: Cassowary Street Doncaster East VIC 3109
  • ·         Nearby:  House Price House Rent Public Transport
  • ·         Phone: 03 9842 1428

Best public primary schools in melbourne

3. Oakleigh south primary school

They are proud to offer all students a wide range of success-oriented opportunities in a safe and caring environment. We value high academic achievement with a strong focus on literacy and numeracy and develop the whole child in the areas of music, visual arts, sports and sustainability as the basis for all further learning.

The programs are designed for a diverse range of learning styles and student abilities with opportunities for support or enrichment at all levels. We use a range of information and communication technologies to enhance the learning program. Our modern learning center allows for flexible teaching and learning programs. The school has a dedicated staff for all our students.

They ensure to develop our attitude with the student and ensure that all students are connected and connected to the school. We promote excellence, respect, integrity and the values ​​of working together and encourage our students to be consistent, reliable, tolerant and actively involved in their school.

Oakleigh South Primary School number and email

  • ·         Phone: +61 3 9570 1016
  • ·         Riley Street, Oakleigh South, Vic, 3167
  • ·         T 9570 1016
  • ·         Email Us:

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4. Glendal Primary School

The school, which opened in 1971 and has recently been built on a large scale, is located on 2.5 hectares of land in Glen Waverley, Melbourne's eastern residential suburb, about 20 km from the central business district. As long as there are more than 900 students living in the neighborhood, families have made a historic trip to school from many other suburbs.

The current state of our school regarding enrollment is that we have vacancies at multiple levels throughout the school that are available to families living outside the area, although you will need to contact the school office for details and more information.

Students are provided opportunities to excel in programs such as: Science Talent Search; Chess robotics; RACV Energy Pivotal Competition; sport; Coir; Band and Performing Arts Productions. Most importantly, we are an inclusive school and every student's learning needs are met in every classroom every day.

The Global Relations Program includes regular student exchanges with our sister schools in the United States (Pennsylvania and Hawaii) and Sumer in New Zealand. Our students have the opportunity to work with other students and teachers from the sister schools of our Joint Environmental Mission (JEM) at the Earth Summit in Pennsylvania every four years.

Glendal Primary School email and phone number

  • ·         55 Nottingham Street,
  • ·         Glen Waverley VIC 3150
  • ·         Telephone: + 61 3 9803 1330 Facsimile: +61 3 9802 1983
  • ·         Email:

Public schools in melbourne

5. Pinewood Primary School

The school has a current enrollment of 825 students and is situated in a peaceful environment of natural, scenic grounds and a huge playground.

He has a reputation for high academic achievement in English and mathematics, but places a high emphasis on sports, physical education, the environment, and the arts. Flexible learning spaces, ICT resources, music facilities and fully functioning libraries and visual arts programs help to encourage the learning and engagement of students from the Foundation to Year 6.

The high school connectivity level is the result of a highly supportive and enthusiastic community, an effective school council, committees and a parent association that successfully coordinates the community and a range of fund raising activities. Parents participate in school maintenance activities and contribute directly to programs such as literacy, numeracy, sports and school camps and excursions. A strong partnership between home and school encourages members of the school community to work together to provide a quality educational facility for the Pinwood community.

Pinewood Primary School Contact Us

  • ·         27-35 Pinewood Drive (P.O. Box 5360, Pinewood)
  • ·         Mount Waverley, Victoria 3149
  • ·         Mon - Fri, 8.30am - 4.30pm
  • ·         Pinewood Primary School Phon number: +61 3 8847 3200
  • ·         F: +61 3 8847 3222
  • ·         E:

6. Balwyn Primary School

At Balwyn Primary School we aim to develop our students' love of learning, strong communication skills, ability to be responsible, creative and critical thinkers and socially connected and flexible. The school values ​​the whole child and strives to develop strong self-esteem, confidence and independence.

At Balwyn Primary School we believe that all students need care and support as they grow up. When they are happy, safe and healthy, they are better prepared to learn and our learning environment promotes independence, self-motivation and collaboration. As a caring community we promote 'norms' rather than rules based on values ​​that will determine behavior, attitudes and responsibilities.

Throughout the year, students participate in programs that practice human values, encourage a sense of personal responsibility and empower students to make conscious choices. Students are supported to develop and apply their thinking in a productive, supportive and relevant learning context. The school attaches great importance to education as an involvement of children, staff, parents and the local community.

Balwyn Primary School phone number and address

  • ·         Balwyn Road, Balwyn, VIC, 3103
  • ·         TEL: (03) 9836 7121
  • ·         FAX: (03) 9836 7897
  • ·         Email Us:

7. Canterbury Primary School

Canterbury Primary is a dynamic school located in the leafy eastern suburbs of Melbourne, 12 km from the CBD. The school strives to provide a student-centered learning culture, where authentic learning promotes intrinsic motivation and where partnerships with parents and the wider local and global community are critical to increasing student learning opportunities. The phrase "our community - our world" destroys our belief that our collective actions, attitudes and proposals have an impact on the world we live in locally and globally.

The innovative use of digital technologies is evident throughout the school. Coding supports an inherent producer culture of autonomy and choice in creative problem solving and learning. The creators enable Space and Kitchen classroom teachers to provide interest-based learning opportunities with a focus on problem solving and creativity.

Canterbury Primary School address, phone number and email

  • ·         Molesworth Street, Canterbury, Victoria, 3126
  • ·         Phone: (03) 9836 4537, (Mon-Fri 8.15am - 4.30pm)
  • ·         Email:

list of primary schools in Melbourne

8. Birralee Primary School

Birralee Primary School was established in 1970 on this site. Our school is situated on a hill, in a beautiful location, offering a panoramic view of the landscape of Box Hill North and Mont Albert North. We have extensive breeding grounds, delightful garden spaces, shady clothing, formal and adventure sports equipment and large play areas.

The current 2020 enrollment of the school is 578 students, divided into more than 25 classes. In addition to our skilled and passionate team of teachers, we have many employees who support our students such as integration assistants, administration staff, an E.A. (English as an additional language) teacher as well as librarian.

Contact Us

  • ·         Birralee Primary School Heyington Ave Doncaster 3108 
  • ·         Birralee Primary School Phone number : 03 9848-4996
  • ·         Fax: 03 9848-7425
  • ·         Email:

9. Doncaster Gardens Primary School

Doncaster Gardens Primary School emerged in 1997, with the reorganization of Waldau and Doncaster former elementary schools.

With a stable school population of around 500 children, the school is located in a secluded and well-shaded playground in Doncaster East.

Doncaster Gardens can actually be called a multi-cultural community with students from Australian, European, Asian, African and Middle Eastern backgrounds.

In our school we have an ongoing commitment to the achievement of excellence and maintenance of an environment where learning is valued and supported by all.

Doncaster Gardens is a great place to make a formal start to children's lives.

Doncaster Gardens Primary School number, address and email

  • ·         School Number 5454
  • ·         Sandhurst Avenue
  • ·         Doncaster East 3109 Victoria Australia
  • ·         Telephone: +613 9848 5282
  • ·         Fax: +613 9840 2606
  • ·         Email:
  • ·         Office Hours: 8:00am - 4:00pm

10. Mount View Primary School

Mount View Primary School is acknowledged for its' high academic achievement, effective support for students with special learning needs, and its peaceful, multicultural environment.

Mount View Primary School has made a commitment to the philosophy of the International Baccalaureate Primary Year Program (IB PYP). Focusing on the IB of Attitude gives us a set of all perspectives in the community we want to develop within children.

Mount View Primary School Australia Address and phone number

  • ·         Shepherd Road, VIC 3150 Glen Waverley , VICAustralia
  • ·         Email address:
  • ·         Phone: +61 3 9560 0471
  • ·         Fax: +61 3 9560 8750
  • ·         Victoria AU

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