The School Of Archaeology and Anthropology Contact email & address

Contact email & address


Opening hours

9am–5pm weekdays (except public holidays)


·         Banks Building

·         The Australian National University

·         44 Linnaeus Way

·         Acton ACT 2601 Australia

The School Of Archaeology and Anthropology About

The School of Archeology and Anthropology combines four streams of social research and teaching: anthropology, archeology, interdisciplinary fields of biological anthropology and developmental studies. Collectively we are engaged in understanding the human experience of past and present in diverse and changing social contexts.

Our school offers an innovative range of programs at the undergraduate and postgraduate level with special strengths in archaeological sciences, biological anthropology, forensic anthropology, Australian indigenous studies, medical anthropology, visual anthropology, and applied and participatory development.

ANU is the most research-intensive university in Australia and our staff are energetic teachers as well as active researchers working on projects in remote and metropolitan Australia, Africa, Asia, the Pacific, Europe, South America and India.

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