The university of melbourne ranking, fees, acceptance rate and free online courses


The university of melbourne ranking, fees, acceptance rate and free online courses

University Ranking Ranked #32

Business and Economics Ranking Ranked #38

Computer Ranking Ranked #56

Engineering and Technology Ranking Ranked #68

World University Ranking Ranked #38

Accounting & Finance Ranked #16

Business & Management Studies Ranked #20

Global MBA RankingRanked #26

Engineering and Technology Ranking Ranked #40

The University of Melbourne fees

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The University of Melbourne acceptance rate

Around 70% to 80%

Admission to Melbourne University courses is moderately difficult, with an acceptance rate of around 70% to 80%. The entry criteria for each program are different and the difficulty level depends on its competition among the students.

the University of Melbourne courses

You can focus on your chosen career from day one, or keep your options open and explore many topics before making a decision. If you change your mind, well - in many of our degrees it is easy to pursue a new direction. Visit this link courses

The University of Melbourne free online courses

Online courses

The University of Melbourne has raised the bar in online education. Our team learning craft courses is rich, engaging and highly interactive. As a student in our online courses, you can:

·         Expand your professional network and join a passionate peer group

·         Access exceptional academic and technical support

·         Continue work while studying

·         Highly regarded qualification from Australia's premier university.

The University of Melbourne Scholarship

They have different passions and ambitions. Some of us want to look beyond the stars; Some of us are working to save the precious things on earth. Some of us are inspired to create a new world in art or a path in sports. One thing for all of us is the passion to change what is possible, and we know that we can only do this together.

The University of Melbourne Australia

Established in 1853, the University of Melbourne has seven campuses located in Melbourne and other areas of Victoria, Australia. The main campus is located on the edge of Melbourne's business district in Parkville, and a 42,000-strong student body also studies at the Southbank, Burnley, Crisquic, Dickey, Shepparton and Varybry campuses.

The University of Melbourne has one of the largest groups of undergraduate researchers in Australia, with more than 15,000 PhD, research doctorates, postgraduate and postgraduate research candidates.

There are five research institutes, one of which was responsible for the development of cochlear implants in the 1970s.

Notable alumni include four Australian Prime Ministers, five Governor-Generals and nine Nobel laureates, the most of any Australian university - as well as many other distinguished judges, academics, politicians and industry leaders.

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